The People’s Forum

This endeavor is a not for profit educational project combined with a practical Constitutional process which has never been attempted in the history of our country. Its purpose is to resolve national issues that our representatives have been unable or unwilling to fix due to the influence of special interest organizations, whose interests are not always in the best interests of our country and its citizens.

This new and unique process will result in a direct petition to the Congress of the United States, which will direct them to submit a series of amendments to the States for ratification. The amendments will be will be proposed, debated, and eventually selected by all and any citizen over age 18 who wish to participate.

There is no staff  and no budget and no PayPal donation banner.  No money or support from individuals or organizations other than donations of  their time and professional expertise. There are no rules or regulations. No one and everyone is in charge. Participants with  limited administrative control are using their own initiative and imagination to forward the project.

All are asked to abide by the simple code of conduct found on the pages of this  site and to avoid rhetoric and partisanship in the discussion and debate of proposed amendments  in order to maintain the neutrality and integrity of this process.

There are many opportunities for participation. Volunteers and sponsors are creating the site,  organizational infrastructure, and  maintenance of the individual State web pages under their own initiative and imagination. Students can be give course credit by their college or university and an opportunity to add a unique  project to their portfolio. State facilitators are needed to maintain their State page and author the State blog. We need your help.  Please contact  the Peoples Forum to volunteer your services.

The limited purpose of the “People’s Petition” is make the amendment process more efficient without changing the “Constitution.” It is intended  to compel our representatives to address  long standing  and serious problems confronting our Nation. Therefore, ” the People’s Constitutional Convention,” is now Officially Convened. Its singular purpose is to direct the Congress of the United States to make the changes our representatives have promised from one election cycle to the next and continually fail deliver.

Once the proposed amendments are selected a series of clear concise amendments, not subject to misinterpretation, will be drafted by Constitutional experts who will also prepare the legal petition to Congress. The petition will be made available on line for any citizen over age 18 to digitally sign and have validated.

The signature capture and validation form is capable of validating signatories not only by the legally accepted protocol but also photo ID or fingerprint. Paper petitions will also be made available. Once a sufficient number of valid signatures are obtained, the petition will be officially presented to the Congress of the United States for action.

The first goal of this project is to develop in real time, a procedure that has never before been attempted in the history of our country.  We depend on the inalienable right every citizen has to petition our government, to modernize a costly, cumbersome, and time consuming constitutional process for making amendments in order to resolve critical National issues without danger of changing our fundamental form of government or the simple eloquence of that historic document.

It is  a process by which not only those aligned with a political party or  registered to vote, but every American citizen will have an opportunity to participate with a powerful new voice  to trump the power of special interest organizations and their dangerous influence on our representatives in Congress.

This project will allow any university the opportunity to credit Interns for work experience as they work to forward this project, totally free to use their imagination and initiative. It is a place for all teaching institutions, especially Elementary schools, who wish to participate with a unique link to The People’s Library and also a “Real Life Model,” in live time. It will be a comprehensive interactive informational resource. It will be linked to every available source of information about the History of the United States, the Constitution, all branches of Government, and all related subjects, to provide students not only instant access to pertinent information, but the opportunity to actually observe our Democratic process in action in live time.

This Virtual Convention, one of the largest web sites on the Internet is a place where any citizen will have a powerful new voice and a direct  impact on the behavior of their government without having their voice misinterpreted or reflected in polls that can be skewered to produce any result necessary to advance an agenda. The only powerful special interest here in the Peoples House Chamber will be the citizens of America.

Professor Lawrence Lessig, Harvard School of Law, and an ever growing number of Constitutional experts believe that if huge problems such as the spiraling deficit, and enormous debt our safety net programs, Social Security and Medicare, are to be finally and permanently addressed, amendments to the Constitution will be necessary.

This is an exercise of citizen power and their right, duty, and responsibility to petition our government is the only reasonable and viable way to break the stalemate in our dysfunctional Congress. A means with which to compel our representatives and give them a new tool to make the necessary amendments that can finally resolve pressing National issues. A National Petition, directing Congress to make necessary amendments, has never been used before in the history of our Country. That is one purpose of this endeavor.

The Founders wanted to be sure our form of government, which is a Republic, not a Democracy, could never be changed. It is important to understand the difference, Please visit the People’s Library to learn the difference. The Founders could not foresee the future, and made the process to make amendments extremely difficult. After the Bill of Rights, there have been only 17 amendments, all of which solved serious problems, in more than 230 years.

The procedure as outlined in Article 5 of the“Constitution” that worked well with 13 States in 1787 is costly, cumbersome and time consuming. We cannot solve problems flying at us at warp speed now, with procedure that is like a horse pulling a buggy up hill.

That is why the “We the People’s Constitutional Convention” has convened. Its power comes from the inalienable right of every citizen to petition our State Government, the Congress, and the Judiciary. A petition by anyone of us alone can do little. “The People’s Petition” signed by millions of united citizens, is the only viable option that will address problems that our representatives have been unable or unwilling to fix.

The Interactive Forum is open only to individual citizens. There is no seat at the table for Corporations or Organizations of any type or form. The purpose of this Convention is to use The Awesome Power of United Individual Citizens. “The People’s Constitutional Convention” will give all American citizens our place at the table and a new and powerful voice in the halls of Congress.

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